Kind Words…

Marcia-Martin Nick is a magician.

His insights and knowledge of how one can create enormous success in business and life by utilizing your natural energy and inner gifts is brilliant and quiet unique.

First he helps you build a internal foundation that provides personal sustainability and strength; then it helps you create and implement a powerful external structure and plan – all the while aligning everything with the power of your purpose and passion.”

Marcia Martin, Aspen (Transformational Leader; Human Potential pioneer & Co-Founder of The Hunger Project)

Gido-Schimanski Nick’s work will change your life…

Working with Nick has been a truly groundbreaking experience and I could literally hear one penny drop after another. It finally made perfect sense why some areas of my business were constantly jarring, where others are thriving without me even trying.

And utilising those insights has enabled me to take my relationships with my clients to a whole new level. If you want to find out how to harness your genius rather than banging your head against the same close door over and over again than Nick’s work will change your life.

Gido Schimanski, London (Transformational Coach for Creative High Achievers)

Kitty-WatersWorking with Nick’s has given me immense clarity. He not only looked at my future life goals but my energy type to find the right solution. The model we came up with fitted me perfectly and didn’t daunt me going forward. Working with Nick enables to to get things right from the outset rather than make costly mistakes.

Kitty Waters (ATL Europe Co Creator and the Founder of Abundant Living)

This morning I had hit a point where I felt like I was at rock bottom in my financial and business life. I was gifted to spend a little over an hour on a Skype call with Nick all the way from the UK to Sydney, Australia.

During our call Nick provided me with some deep insights about my authentic flow as an entrepreneur in business, opened my mind up to think about who I am from a greater perspective, and assisted me to gain a new level of clarity about how to take action on what I truly love.

I am intensely grateful for Nick’s guidance during my challenging moment, and for his willingness to impart his invaluable knowledge from the other side of the world in the perfect moment on the perfect day. Thank you Nick, your presence has made a difference to my life.

Emily Gowor, Word Artist, Australia

If you would like to gain a deeper understanding to fully realise your wealth potential, then I recommend that you book a consultation with Nick. His unique abilities are that he has an in depth knowledge of Eastern philosophy coupled with his acute intuition and great understanding of wealth creation mechanics.

Nick manages to combine all these effortlessly and distill it for you in a very clear manner assisting you in mapping your success. If you are serious about shaping a successful future get in touch with Nick.

Cris Morgado
Entrepreneur, London

Even after 25 years I still follow the advise Nick gave me. At a visit to the hospital they said I shouldn’t still be here let alone be so well, but I am. Thank you

Pauline Rhodes

Nicholas’s coaching session brought a lot of clarity on how to integrate the power of Energy Profile into my life.

At my next client meeting I was able to leverage the opportunities in front of me with much greater skill thanks, to Nicholas’s help.

Kevin Boyd
Film Maker, Personal Movies,

Nick is truly gifted in the way he was able to explain my Five Energy Dynamics profile in relation to my work, how I interact with others and myself with such clarity. Thank you so much…Just brilliant!

Karen Haller Interior Designer

Nick has been fantastically helpful in two ways. The first was through the Five Energy Dynamics profile; not only has he helped me understand a rocky relationship with a previous investor, but it has already helped my awareness in regards to the needs of other team members. Secondly, his insight and help in the development of my business ideas has saved me a great deal of energy, time and money. I hope to keep a continual relationship with Nick as I further develop my business career.

Thanks Nick, I greatly appreciate your help.

Alex Barton

I have known Nick for over 25 years and he never ceases to amaze me how he knows what I am thinking almost before I do, and then know what to do about it. He seems to draw on a never-ending variety of skills to solve problems

Louise Lipman

I am supposed to see Nick for Acupuncture, but I always seem to come away having benefited most from the chat – somehow he puts everything into perspective and my life starts to flow again! – or maybe its just his jokes!

Bill Bolton
Director Graphic Green