The Perfect Practice

  How to Have a Busy Practice Without Selling

Lovingly designed for Health Practitioners & Therapists

Hello and welcome, I'm Nick Haines and on this page, you'll find details about my practice building program, called The Perfect Practice. 

The Perfect Practice isn't like regular practice building programs. I can say with 100% certainty there is nothing like it anywhere in the world.


The Perfect Practice

The Perfect Practice Training Program Is Built Around The Core Concept That Promoting & Building Up A Health Practice Is Fundamentally Different From Promoting & Building Up Any Other Service.

You can't advertise, you can't discount or do specials and you certainly can't say you're not busy.

All of those shout out to the world loud and clear... You're No Good.

Instead there are 3 things you need to do to have a consistently busy practice. None of them involve actively marketing or selling.

The Perfect Practice is unique, powerful and practical. It's based on what I found has worked day in day in private practice for 35 years. It's also what the very best consistently busy practitioners do without even realising it.

In this program, I’ll show you how to apply these 3 Key Strategies so that like me, you can build and maintain a consistently busy and thriving practice – without hyped or pushy marketing or selling.

You'll get to do more of what you do best, treating and looking after people and less or no time marketing or selling what you do.

In a nutshell, I aim to show as many fellow practitioners as possible how to build a consistently busy practice without selling, hype or inappropriate marketing techniques and tactics.

And since I’ve also been teaching fellow health practitioners for over 30 years, you’re getting the benefit of my experience in ensuring you get the right level of knowledge to understand and apply these insights with confidence.

Just to give you a brief taste of how powerful these strategies are in practice, here’s what one of my practice building clients says:

Gido Schimanski... "Nick’s work will change your life..."

“Working with Nick has been a truly groundbreaking experience and I could literally hear one penny drop after another. It finally made perfect sense why some areas of my business were constantly jarring, where others are thriving without me even trying.

And utilising those insights has enabled me to take my relationships with my clients to a whole new level. If you want to find out how to harness your genius rather than banging your head against the same close door over and over again than Nick’s work will change your life.”

- Gido Schimanski, London (Transformational Coach for Creative High Achievers)

The Perfect Practice is laid out clearly into 5 Insightful Modules. Within each module is a series of short and easy to understand video lessons.

Module 1: Starting With The End In Mind

We're going to start with the first principles of how you create a consistently busy practice. We're going to challenge a few myths, introduce a new way of thinking and give you our Perfect Practice Road Map.  We're also going to start with something which is for many a very important issue...

I'll explain how you can develop a healthy ongoing relationship with actively promoting and sharing what you do. I call this 'The Bridge'.

The skills and passion that led you to become a great practitioner aren't necessarily going to make you good or comfortable at actively sharing what you do. The Bridge allows you to see how - and why - you should promote what you offer. It's a natural and energizing mind-set shifting process.

We'll also explore why the world of marketing is different for health practitioners and if you try to follow the standard route you'll be doomed to failure and harm your practice. 

Module 2: Decoding The Attraction Matrix 

Many practitioners are held hostage to changes in the economy, positive or negative public perceptions, or even the number of other practitioners in their local area.  None of that actually matters.

In module 2 I'll share a simple but profound way to understand and work with the external forces that stop most people.  

This different and unique way to view the world is profound, insightful and allows you to operate at a different level of awareness than everyone else. 

Plus in this second module I'll help you clearly identify your hidden value to others. Why the very things you do most naturally, and without even thinking about it, are your greatest asset and contribution. 

Module 3: Becoming Irresistibly Attractive 

In this module and lessons I'm going to show you how you consistently get new clients without having to constantly market and sell what you do.

I'll explain how you become Irresistibly Attractive to your ideal clients in a fun, natural and authentic way. I'll teach you how to create Your Legend: that’s what others say about you when they sing your praises.

Applying normal marketing to a health practice more often that not involves a constant and undignified scramble to grab peoples' attention, with little or no results. On the other hand, becoming Irresistibly Attractive means more people are naturally drawn towards you and what you do.

Module 4: Tipping The Market In Your Favour

Next up, I’ll show you how you can Tip The Market in your favour, so you can help even more people. In this third webinar, I'll also share all my favourite Tipping The Market methods, such as The Innovator, The Organiser, The Disruptor, The Gateway, The Listener and The Study.

Each of these methods is simple, powerful and easy to understand, and I’ll give you guidance on how to tell which combination is right for you, and how to put them into action. The majority of these methods happen in your clinic, so you get to build your practice while you do what you love.

Module 5: Creating Meaningful Moments of Connection 

In the final module in this series I'll share the power and importance of having Meaningful Moments of Connection. These are the moments that enable you to get more clients, keep them happy and have them enthusiastically spreading the word about you and your Legend.

I'll teach you what I call Ethical Velcro, helpful little reminders that empower your clients to come back to see you - at the right time for them. 

All too often, practitioners have to work disproportionately hard to get new clients because their old ones have forgotten about them, or don't perceive they have a legitimate enough reason to see them again.

Again it comes down to creating a way to minimise the amount of time you spend in sharing what you do and maximising the time you spend treating clients, following your passions or being with your family.

The Perfect Practice series is designed to be fun, simple, memorable and actionable. And It's 100% Guaranteed.

30 day 100% Satisfaction  Guarantee. If I don't give you new and valuable insights about how to build your practice then you will get a 100% no questions asked refund. 

My intention is for you to feel like my client Mary Tonner from New Zealand, who says:

Mary Tonner... "Finally I have met someone who gets it!"

" As a practitioner I’m obsessed about getting to the root of a problem, what’s really going on.

For me if it doesn’t add up I won’t rest until I find the answer and how to solve it.
It’s what makes me good at what I do.

So I was really struggling to understand why following, the “ best” advice out there, about how to build a consistently busy practice, just wasn’t working.

I spent lots (and lots) of time and money, attending courses where I realised that I know more than most of the “tutors”, and that they had absolutely no idea how marketing a Health Business needs to be totally different to mainstream marketing.

Then I met Nick. At the end of our session I finally understood that it wasn’t me.

What I’d been told was the wrong advice for a health business and it was never going to work, no matter how hard I tried.  Nick’s approach to practice building is unique, based on 35 years of experience, and goes against everything I’d ever been taught.

Nick understands it, he’s “got it” and finally I am getting it too.

Thanks Nick! "

- Mary Tonner (Homeopath, Hypnotherapist, and accredited Goulding SleepTalk® consultant)

Joining The Perfect Practice

The Perfect Practice is priced at $197 and includes all the modules, lessons and bonus content. Plus a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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Your Bonus Content

As a bonus, I’ll also be sharing a few of my advanced strategies with you, so you’re in the best possible position to adapt your approach to your audience and the changes in your market and the world economy.

These additional strategies are invaluable, get rave reviews and are normally only available to my high end consulting clients.

Bonus Content 1. I'm going give you access to a very special webinar, where I clearly explain how to adjust your approach to practice building as the Economy moves through it's natural five phase cycle. 

I'll explain why a recession is often the easiest time to get and keep clients and why a boom can be a time when you will lose clients. 

The reason I am including this bonus content is that within any market place there are always some highly influential and powerful external forces at play, and the economy is one of them.

In order to have a consistently busy practice, you have to be aligned and running with those external forces and flow, and not against them. If you get this right the rewards are enormous, and often all you have to do is make a small adjustment to what you say and how you support your clients.

The economy is never a problem, it's only our ability to align with it.  

Bonus Content 2. This is all about saving you time, energy and money, and a lot of heart ache. I am going simplify what you need to do to have an effective and meaningful web presence. To be Web-Famous.

This is a special bonus I've added to Module 4.

The whole process and subject of internet marketing is complicated and can be a massive drain on our resources and doesn't always play to our natural gifts and talents.

In my view the use of highly sophisticated Internet marketing techniques in order to maintain a consistently busy practice is a symptom that the core strategies I'm teaching in this webinar series, are either not known, understood or being followed.  This module is all about keeping it simple.

Lots of great practitioners aren't consistently busy

As practitioners we were taught how to practice our therapy, but most of us weren't taught how to effectively promote and build our practice, either because we trained a while ago, or because that wasn't the emphasis of our training. The result is lots of great practitioners that aren't consistently busy.

That's what I want to address in the Perfect Practice series. And help prevent fellow practitioners from falling into the trap of conventional marketing. 

Dr. Andrea Pennington... "Stay in your flow and enjoy more vitality!!"

" Thank you, Nick for continually supporting us and sharing your gifts with the world! "

- Dr. Andrea Pennington (Integrative Medicine Doctor, host of and co-founder of Make Your Mark Global,

Marcia Martin... "

Create enormous success in business and life
... all the while aligning everything with the power of your purpose and passion."

Nick is a magician.

His insights and knowledge of how one can create enormous success in business and life by utilizing your natural energies and inner gifts is brilliant and quite unique.

The business building system he’s created helps you to first build a internal foundation that provides personal sustainability and strength; then it helps you create and implement a powerful external structure and plan – all the while aligning everything with the power of your purpose and passion."

- Marcia Martin, Aspen (Transformational Leader; Human Potential pioneer & Co-Founder of The Hunger Project)

Joining The Perfect Practice

The Perfect Practice is priced at $197 and includes all the modules, lessons and bonus content. Plus a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

To access this content and get started, simply click the button below

I have recently retired after spending 35 years as a Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and running a busy Complementary Heath Centre in Nottingham (UK). In 1988 I Co-Founded The Northern College of Acupuncture where I still sit on the Board. 

I have always been passionate about health and have written and been published on the subject, as well lecturing nationally and internationally. 

I am the CEO of Five Institute, where we use modern Chinese Energetics to enable change makers worldwide to be even more awesome, shake things up and make more positive things happen for all of us. 

"Over the last 35 years of being in practice and running a complementary Health Centre, I have seen far too many gifted and brilliant practitioners struggle to make a living or make the difference they are capable of"

Healthy Growth, Without the Yuck Factor

I have had a wonderful life as a complementary health practitioner, meeting and helping thousands of people around the world. In that time, I've supported my family well, traveled to wonderful places and enjoyed life.

Over most of those years I've had a waiting list to see me. Not because I was the best, but because I was doing certain things, without even realising it, that made it almost inevitable that my practice would grow and grow.

Two years ago, just before I retired, I started to look at what I did that was different, and started observing and speaking to the busiest health practitioners I know, to find out what they did.

We were all doing virtually the same things, and none of us were actively marketing or selling in the conventional way, quite the reverse. There was an tangible lack of conventional marketing.

And yet, I know from speaking to countless other practitioners that having a thriving practice is far more the exception than the rule.

That creates a huge amount of stress, worry and financial hardship for a great many practitioners. And of course, for all those patients they aren’t able to reach and treat.

Making a Bigger Difference

Over the years, I’ve shared my practice building methodology with a select few fellow practitioners. They’ve told me the insights I’ve shared have had a life-changing effect, for which I’m truly grateful.

So, I am going to share my practice building methodology with a much wide audience, so we can collectively help each other to help a lot more people.