Kindness, Cultures & Meeting Challenges sit at the heart of My work

Nicholas Haines: Creator of The Vitality Test and Founder of the Five Institute) 

Welcome, my name’s Nicholas Haines, and I’m a British entrepreneur, international speaker, author, strategist, teacher in Chinese energetics, the creator of The Vitality Test and co-founder of the Five Institute and Light Up Lives, part of The Change Makersand most importantly a Kindness Ambassador: Someone who wants to create a world where Kindness is the common language and way of life.

The Five Energies sit at the heart of my work and are based on ancient Chinese philosophy and Medicine. The Five Energies allow you to understand yourself and others in a profound and deep way. As well as the cultures, politics, economics and organisations that sit around us. 

The Power Of The Five Energies

The Five Energies have a unique ability to unite people and create a new level of understanding and kindness in the world by helping to breakdown and limit disagreements between people by allowing us to see other people's point of view. Plus they allow us to love, appreciate and understand others for who they are, and not who we think they should be, which is why I developed The Vitality Test. 

If want to gain more understanding about yourself and your value to others then take The Vitality Test It's free, simple and available right now. Click Here

Gido Schimanski, London
(Transformational Coach for Creative High Achievers)

Nick’s work will change your life.

Working with Nick has been a truly groundbreaking experience and I could literally hear one penny drop after another. It finally made perfect sense why some areas of my business were constantly jarring, where others are thriving without me even trying.

And utilising those insights has enabled me to take my relationships with my clients to a whole new level. If you want to find out how to harness your genius rather than banging your head against the same close door over and over again than Nick’s work will change your life.​

My Mission In Life Is To Bring More Kindness, Understanding  And Unity To The World

The Five Institute: Home of The Vitality Test

The Five Institute sits at the centre of my work, where we’re on a big mission to  create a world where Kindness is the common language and way of life. From how you treat yourself and others, to how families, businesses, governments and world politics operate.  

Light Up Lives

I am proud to be a part of Light Up Lives. A Community Interest Company passionate about people, tackling social isolation and enhancing communication and conversation for everyone in our communities.

The Change Makers

I am honoured to be part of The Change Makers, which are group of international thought-leaders in the leadership and business world coming together to empower humans to be the change they want to see in their world. We believe a change should be: sustainable, inclusive and magnetic

Speaking : Talks, Events and Workshops

Would you like some new and different content at your next event?  

The Five Energies and my other work is different, practical and powerful and will bring a whole new set of unique content to your next event.  I have presented all over the world and have an inclusive, engaging and fun style. Let's talk and discuss what you're looking for and take it from there. 

Transformational Leaders Europe / ATL Europe

Private Consulting

As well as consulting, teaching, speaking and running online training courses I also work with a small number of people to help them design, build and live their ideal life based on their Energy Type. I have up to 10 people, at any one time, that I work with on a 1-2-1 basis.

Transformational Leaders Europe / ATL Europe

Supporting Health Practitioners

For over 25 years as a Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine I permanently had at least a 6 months waiting list to see me as a new client. 

I support Practitioners and Therapists to make the difference the world needs them to make.

Supporting European & World Thought Leaders

As a founding member of The Network For Transformational Leaders, I am actively involved in working and supporting other transformational leaders to bring positive change around the world. 

I am privileged to have been asked, and to serve on The Network Steering Committee.