A Bit About Me…

I often ponder about decisions and how fragile our destiny is. Obviously, some major decisions will undoubtedly send us along specific paths.

While others, more mundane, will probably have less influence. But what about all the thousands of in-between decisions? Which of them will alter our life?

In 1980 was studying applied biology at what is now Trent University, considering what I should do as part of my year in industry.

I remember standing with a pen in hand, about to sign up for a job which involved videoing chickens and their behaviour, thinking, 'Should I sign up or not'.

In a second, quite irresponsibly, I walked away, leaving myself without a job for the following year.

I was in Los Angeles at the California Acupuncture College three months later.

My aim was to be involved in a research project into Kirlian photography that was starting at the college, but what happened was that I discovered Chinese medicine, and my life changed forever.

Suddenly, I began to understand myself and our world entirely differently. It was like I had been shown The Matrix, the secret code.

I started to look at the whole world, from human behaviour to world politics, from an energy perspective. And my life changed.

In Los Angeles, I met many kind and wonderful people.

Susan Kauffman (nee Wilson) was my inspiration: she introduced me to herbs and Chinese culture and endlessly made me laugh.

Then when I returned to England, I studied with Giovanni Maciocia, Peter Deadman, Julian Scott and Vivienne Brown and attended many many seminars. I trained with herbs with Ted Kaptchuk.

In the mid-'80s, I went to China as part of my quest to understand more of this ancient wisdom. I had a fantastic time working at a large hospital in Nanjing, meeting some truly gifted people.

From that first moment in Los Angeles, I could see that the application of the Five Energies and this ancient Chinese wisdom was only limited by my imagination. 

Over the next 35 years, I built up a successful private practice in which I conducted over 50,000 one-on-one consultations and loved every minute.

During that time, I was continually decoding this ancient body of medical knowledge into a way to understand health, human nature, team dynamics, business, the modern entrepreneur, politics, strategic thinking, relationships, marketing, economics and more significant world issues and problems.

And ultimately, how this ancient body of wisdom could be used to create more kindness and understanding in the world, which is my driving purpose and passion.

With my ongoing entrepreneurial energy, I set up a successful complementary Health Centre in Nottingham and co-found the Northern College of Acupuncture with the inspiring Hugh MacPherson 

And then went on to developed and built numerous online businesses, created The Vitality Test, and co-founded the Five Institute and the #NoMoreBoxes Movement, to name a few.

Over the last 40 years, I have spoken nationally and internationally about kindness and the Five Energies and their practical application. How we can use them to create healthier cultures, deal with our differences and collectively create a better world.

And now, what matters to me on a personal level

I have a fantastic and beautiful marriage to the lovely Sue and three fine young men who started as babies and children.

And finally, the best-extended family and group of friends a chap could ever wish for.

I could write at length about how important and inspiring all these people are to me and my life, but you've done well to get this far.

So that's it. Take care for now, and be vital, kind and you.


PS. Incidentally, the person who took the job videoing the chickens in 1980 was never quite the same again; but then again, neither was I.