What I do

Five Institute

amazewp At the Five Institute we’re on a big mission to bring back the ancient wisdom of the Five Energies to transform the lives of individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, the next generation and ultimately our planet! Click on the image

Talks and Events

amazewpIf you need content at your personal development or entrepreneurial event that’s new, powerful, inspiring and makes a difference. “Five Energy Dynamics and how it can transform your life or business” is just what you need, and it’s my favourite subject!

Practice Building

amazewpFor the last 20-25 years I’ve had at least a 6 months waiting list to see me as a new client. As part of my work at the Five Institute I help coaches, consultants and practitioners build their ideal practice. Let me help you too.
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Northern College of Acupuncture

amazewpI co-founded the Northern College of Acupuncture in 1988 and still Chair the board. The NCA provides training in Acupuncture, Nutrition Therapy and Chinese herbal medicine. Click on the image

Natural Health Centre

amazewpI established the Nottingham Natural Health Centre in 1988 to be a pioneer force promoting complementary medicine. I no longer run any clinics myself, but I actively support our wonderful practitioners. Click on the image


amazewp I believe that contribution is a key component of success, and part of our social responsibility. Contributing can take many forms. Here’s one of my favorite ways that’s simple and profound. Buy1Give1 [/threecol_one][/columngroup]