Consulting & Working With Me

I describe myself as a Kindness Ambassador & Life Architect: Someone that wants to create a world where Kindness is the common language and way of life. From how you treat yourself and others, to how families, businesses, governments and world politics operate.

And that starts with how well we understand ourselves, each other and the world around us.

And for each individual how you design, build and live your Ideal Life in the kindest possible way.

One of my core skills is that am very quick to tune into what's blocking or going on within a situation. Often this comes down to a clash between two Energies or a life design issue around your Energy type and what you're trying to do or achieve.

This creates a situation where there is conflict, life seems hard, you're struggling to get results, or the price you pay for success is disproportionately high.

Poor life or business design also puts untold pressure on our relationships, especially on the ones nearest and dearest to us. Often it doesn't bring about the best in us, and it's not a kind way to live. 

It can also lead us to prevaricate or not take action, or cause exhaustion, stress and tension when we try to push through or end up working late into the night to catch up.

I see Life Architecture as central to my role as a Kindness Ambassador, and one of my gifts.

There are three ways I tend to work with people 


A single one-off private session - This is a single session with no commitment or ongoing plan to work together.

I'm really happy working this way, as sometimes a single session is all that's required if someone is stuck or struggling, or needs some Energy based advice and input. This could be something to do with your personal life, relationships or a new work/business adventure.

Working this way is often when I get the this is magic remarks. But it's really just a matter of understanding the deeper patterns and nature of your Energy, along with what's going on.


The second way I tend to work with clients is that I have an ongoing commitment to them, and they call me when they need help - This could be a single session or a few sessions depending what you need or what's going on for you.

You might be thinking... Why do I keep doing this? or How can I make this happen?  or Why am I struggling do x or y?  or even What am I here to do... What's my purpose in life?

You can bring any questions you want to discuss, from personal challenges to work/business questions or desires. Anything is OK, because if I can't help you, I'll often know someone that can.

And I promise that you'll never feel judged, embarrassed or made to feel wrong in any way shape or form.

My private clients often refer to this second option as jumping on and off the bus! Not very glamours but it makes me laugh.

Image of a London Bus


The third way I work with people is that we have a series of sessions based around a particular project or subject that you want to tackle.  This could be weekly, fornightly, montly or once every few months.

This third way of working is ideal if you want to really get to the bottom of some issue, or are on a mission to achieve something special. This could be discovering the real you and building a life, business or movement around that.

I promise will always be compassionate and honest with you, giving you my best thinking. And I promise that everything we talk about will be held in the strictest confidence forever and a day.

The cost of working with me starts at around £120 or $170, and heads on upwards depending what you need.

Email or Facebook/Skype message me, and we'll jump on a quick call, and have an off the record chat about what's going on, and if I'm the right person to support you.

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