I believe that we shouldn’t end our life with an unfulfilled promise

My vision and purpose:

My background is Chinese Medicine & Philosophy. For the last 30 years I have explored and worked with these theories to help people that are stuck or want to do something extraordinary. I have done this through 1-2-1 consultations, as well as co-founding the NCA, NNHC , writing and teach nationally and internationally.

The problem was however hard I worked I never managed to see all the people that ask to see me, I always had a waiting list, at one point reaching a ridiculous 2 years.

There seemed to be an infinite number of people that wanted to understand about their Energy Dynamic and how that was affecting their life.

After a near fatal accident I decided that my purpose in this next stage in my life was to make this powerful process assessable to everyone, rather than just an elite few.

As a first stage in this process, I have started by making this accessible to entrepreneurs and small entrepreneurial businesses as part of the Five Institute.

I have chosen this area to initially focus on as being an entrepreneur myself I know the challenges and the possible difference we can make.

I am also aware that we at a moment in time like never before, with an option to move forward in a new and profound way, or continue to travel along the same path with our unsustainable ways and behavior. I believe that entrepreneurs are part of the solution.

In Chinese philosophy and Energetics there is something called Ming Men which translates as something likeā€¦ destiny’s door or gate. From a spiritual view point, it is the big thing that we have agreed to do or undertake in this journey through life. From a less spiritual view point it is the big thing we have decided or agreed to undertake in the here and now or what we have promised to deliver on.

As we know, not all agreements, promises or undertakings are delivered on:
getting stuck, behind schedule or failing to deliver on what was promised.

What I do in my work with Five Energy Dynamics and as part of the Five Institute, is make sure that your undertaking or agreement is realised, within the appropriate timescale and you are fulfilling on your promise.

I do this in 4 ways:

1. YOU: Looking and working with your Five Energy Dynamic or profile. Which helps you understand your strengths, see your opportunities and managing your challenges.
Or as one client put it, ‘You stop me messing up a dammed good business’

2. YOUR BUSINESS & LIFE: Energetically you will be stuck or moving through one of 10 stages. If you are stuck it is mainly due to a failure at a previous stage and it requires a revisit or rethink. If you want to achieve something above the average then you need to construct the architecture to achieve that at each of the 10 stages.

3. YOUR TEAM & RELATIONSHIPS: Every team member has their own Energy Dynamic, and as we know you have to have the right person for the right job. Five Energy Dynamics helps you understand their value and the best place for them to contribute that. When you have that sorted you also need to know how to manage and bring out the best in that person for a healthy, sustainable and productive relationship. With romantic and personal relationships Five Energy Dynamics helps you understand each other in a more profound way and how to best meet each other’s fundamental needs.

4. THE WORLD STAGE: No Man is an island, and it is clearly the same with our lives and business. One needs to take into account and understand the seasonal stage the world is in, your life or industry is in and the best way to approach that.

The beauty is that Five Energy Dynamics is very adaptable.

It can help you if you are starting out on your journey or have lost your direction.
It can help you if you are having a bumpy ride.
It can help you if you didn’t quite end up where you intended to.

If life is perfect and is set to stay that way, then it’s not for you.

Nicholas Haines