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On this page I have a couple of gifts for you as a Kindred Spirit reader, and some links to my other work. 

The Vitality Test

First of all here is a link to The Vitality Test A unique personality test which I developed based on my 35 years working with ancient Chinese Medicine and Philosophy. It's completely free and takes about 15 mins to complete.

The Vitality Test will give you a very different view about how you function and show up in the world, so I hope you find it valuable and insightful. And if you do, please share it with your friends, I know they'll appreciate you for it! 

The Vitality Test is part of my work at the Five Institute and is a big part of my mission to create Global Kindness. Click Here to take The Vitality Test.

Access to a free copy of Feeling Good About Yourself book as a gift to Kindred Spirit Magazine readers

Towards the end of 2018 I am publishing my book called Feeling Good About Yourself, which explores how it is nearly impossible to come out of your childhood with a really good self-esteem, and what to do about it. 

Would you like a free digital copy?   If so just email me by Clicking Here

The Change Makers and #NoMoreBoxes Campaign 

One of the central themes of our work at the Five Institute is to support other causes we believe are important to make this world a better place. Yeah Yeah, I know that's a bit cliché. LOL 

As well as being involved with The Five Institute, I am part of a group called The Change Makers where we're on a mission to stop the division and isolation that comes from putting people in boxes.

Here's details of our #NoMoreBoxes campaign and our Facebook Group  which we'd love you to join. 

That's it, other than to say thank you for visiting and if you ever need any help, here's what I do Click Here